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Is it okay to post the same material on multiple platforms?

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So, what's the big question for today?

Is it okay to post the same material on multiple social media platforms?

What exactly does this mean? This means posting the same picture and text across multiple platforms. This can come in many different forms. Sometimes, you will see a post on Twitter with a link to the original post on Instagram (figure 1). Other times, you will see a company post the same information verbatim. Let's investigate this further, shall we?

Whenever an individual or company posts on social media, it is essential to remember that it is all about the customer or individual receiving the post. Would they like what you said? Would they like it enough to see it on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook? Most importantly, if you are linking to the original post on a different platform (figure 1), would they feel motivated enough to click on that link and view it?

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Figure 1

Notice in Figure 1 how the individual created a hashtag and immediately placed a link toward the post on Instagram afterward. Are you motivated enough to click the link, go to Instagram, and like the individual's post later? Furthermore, what if you don't have an Instagram? Of course, all of this depends on your devotion to the individual. If you are starting on social media, then more than likely, this post will get little engagement (plus it is anti-social).

So, how can you avoid this issue? Many social media platforms allow you to post on multiple platforms simultaneously. It would help if you avoided this at all costs. Instead, create posts that work best with the platform you are using. So what kind of posts work best where?


The most important thing to remember when posting on Instagram is that it is ALL about the image. When people go through their Instagram feeds, they rarely investigate the captions as much as they simply like something based on the image. This doesn't mean the caption doesn't matter or that you shouldn't attempt to create just means that this particular platform is more geared towards visuals.

If you are posting something that doesn't have an engaging picture, then it may be best suited for other social media platforms, and that is okay. It is more important to post something relevant and engaging on the platform being used rather than posting just for the sake of it!


What fan or customer doesn't like receiving questions or engaging posts? Facebook is a notable chance to incorporate an outstanding image/video and ask questions without sounding too direct or promotional (figure 2).

facebook ads library

Figure 2

Notice that this post has an attractive image and asks people to share their favorite vacation memories without sounding pushy. Remember, type how you would want to be talked to!


A nice mix between Instagram and Facebook, Twitter is all about creating valuable content succinct yet engagingly. Did you know a tweet only lasts 18 minutes on a person's home feed? Your post will be remembered if you have an engaging image or text.

Say you posted an excellent image on Instagram and believe it would also work on Twitter. We say to go for it, but you can mix up the language. Post the picture, ask a question, or utilize one or two hashtags!


Follow these tips, and you should be a skilled social media wizard.

1. Avoid using links to other social media accounts in your post. Only the most devoted of friends and fans will click on the link.

2. Remember your platform and content; not all images or posts work. If you post an excellent image on Instagram, evolve it to incorporate questions and conversation on the other platforms. If you can generate excellent discussion on all three of these platforms, then you created a fantastic post!

3. Mix up the language. If someone follows you on all your social media accounts, they probably don't want to see the same content thrice. Instead, change the syntax, or if you don't feel that a particular post is suited for a specific platform, don't post it!

Now that we have discussed all that...let's create our conversation! Do you agree with our tips? Could you add anything to this topic? Comment below!

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