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- Will The Socii Project generate more leads for my business? 

Yes, but we recommend social media supplementing your marketing strategy to generate more leads. It's also important to remember that leads are not the only way to generate more revenue. A more powerful social media can result in better influencer outreach and more opportunities for free advertising. With that being said, we range from 4-9 ROAS for all the brands we have worked with.

- How much time will it take before I start seeing results? 

There are no quick ways to generate an organic and loyal social media following. With that in mind, after just 1-2 months you should begin to see rapid progress. Of course, every social media account has different targets. That is why we work with you directly to outline a plan to achieve your specific goals.  

- Is it necessary to put money towards social media advertising?


No, but advertising will increase your social media influence quicker. There are also certain social media platforms that are more receptive to advertising than others (looking at you Facebook). It is additionally important to understand that you DO NOT need a lot of money to advertise. We have worked with individuals and companies that put just $1 per day towards Facebook advertising and saw results. 

- What do you mean by "Active Engagement"?


Posting unique content is the most important thing, but being actively engaged with your followers and potential followers is insanely important. We will not just post content for you, but we will target potential fans and interact with current fans, which will result in a more well rounded and powerful social media. 

- What makes your analytics so special?


We customize our analytics according to your goals. We also make our analytics understandable. Meaning that we give monthly grades and visually represent your growth over time. We are obsessed with statistics and believe that trackable goals and targets result in better communication and happier upper management. 

- What is your Social Justice program?


Believe it or not, we love working for companies or individuals who are making the world a better place. We have experience working for community health centers and understand HIPAA compliance. If you are a non-profit or anyone who is helping earth, you should contact us. You may be eligible for a serious discount! 

- How do you keep track of time?


The Socii Project works remotely, but we utilize software and programs that monitor our time. Every single time we are actively engaging with your clients or creating content, we will keep track of the exact amount of time spent. You will be able to see the amount of time spent in your monthly reports. Just remember...WE WANT to improve your social media and slacking off isn't the way to do that! 

- Will you also do graphic design for us?


The Socii Project is skilled at graphic design, but it isn't our main focus. If you have a specific image that you want to create, please just talk with us and we may be able to make it possible! 

- Why do you refuse to use APIs or online social media tools?

Have you ever been followed by a business or individual, only to be unfollowed right after you followed back? Have you ever been on Instagram, posted an image and then received comments that had nothing to do with the image at all? All of these things are a result of automated services. Social media is an amazing place, but many people just view it as an opportunity to quickly and irresponsibly spread a belief or gain money. We believe in telling a story, engaging with people in a human way, and ultimately creating beneficial connections that will help everyone involved.

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