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Just Invite Them Already - Facebook Business Pages

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We all know that Facebook Business Pages are becoming increasingly a pay-to-play system, so we must find every free way to generate more page likes, impressions, and leads. A straightforward method is to invite individuals who like your content to like your page.

I can't tell you how many companies I have worked with that had no idea this function was even available. All you have to do is go to your business page and click on posts on the left side of the screen.

Facebook Business Page

Now that you can scroll all of your posts, go ahead and find your most recent one and click on the names/number of likes. This popup will show everyone who liked your post and can be invited to like your page.

Facebook Page Likes

Once you have the breakdown of everyone who liked your post, you should see an option to the right of their name to invite them to like your page. If they already like your page, it will say liked. Also, if you have already invited them, it will say invited. Not everyone will accept your invite to like your page, but even if you get 2-3 per post, you will be generating free page likes that will offset any advertising charges.

Another fantastic idea is to boost more posts, knowing that you will get more engagement, allowing you to send out more invites. While we are fans of like campaigns, we can't help but see the upside of boosting your posts to a targeted audience and inviting those individuals to like your page. You are killing two birds with one stone by utilizing this tactic.

So why don't more companies or brands do this? Many people don't know about it, and that is the only legitimate reason for not doing this. We have never experienced any block in inviting more people, but keeping your target audience in mind is always essential. It would help if you did not expand your audience to get more likes, allowing you to invite more people. It is much better to have fewer page likes but engaged individuals rather than more page likes consisting of ghost accounts.

Facebook advertising and organic posting are funnels, meaning the people in your funnel are interconnected. When you invite people to like your page, and they accept, they can be used in custom audiences for further FB advertising. Even the people who engage with your posts can be added to custom audiences or utilized to create lookalike audiences. If someone engages with your content, then they should be invited to like your page and experience more of your posts.

So how about you? Do you utilize this simple strategy for generating more page likes? Let us know if you have more cool and unique strategies for developing your Facebook account.


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