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Do Instagram Hashtags Matter Anymore?

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We are not sure if you have noticed, but Instagram has changed a lot over the years. You probably notice more ads, more emphasis on stories, and more influencers. One nagging question is whether hashtags still help promote your post and get it seen by new audiences. The short answer to this question is yes. The long answer to this question, is while it still does help get your post seen by new people, it isn't something you can easily rely on anymore.

In 2021, when hashtagging, it is less about the number that you put and more about the exact hashtags you are using. Are you a chef that loves sharing pictures of your meals? Then hashtags about food are where you should focus. Back in the day, it was common to use hashtags like #IG or #Like constantly. Well, Instagram isn't as down with that style of marketing anymore. Instead, it is all about niche hashtags that aren't so flooded with bots that your post will get lost. Personally, we believe this is a nice step forward for Instagram when it comes to making the platform more community-based rather than a sprint to get likes. We all know Instagram is placing less importance on the number of likes you get. Instead, it is about creating content that people will actually enjoy. So if you are that innovative chef that wants to share a fancy new meal, don't debase yourself with hashtags that a bot would use. Instead, get specific. If you are making lasagna, do #lasagna and #ItalianFood. Not just #like4like.

Another reason always putting 30 random hashtags down isn't as important are the constant changes in the Instagram algorithm. More emphasis is being placed on the interests that people have. An example of this is your discovery section. If you always like pictures of food, then your discovery section will be littered with posts about food. In fact, it isn't just about liking posts. If someone is searching out recipes, then they will also see more food pics in their discovery section. The Instagram algorithm also places even more emphasis on comments, reshares, and views. A simple like isn't everything anymore. If people comment on your posts, you will naturally get an increase in impressions and more engagements. With this in mind, always create content that is engaging and asks questions of your audience.

So should you never use hashtags anymore? Of course not; you should still use them, but try not to rely on them so much. Instead, focus on creating engaging content. Who really cares if a random bot likes your post? The fact is 2 good people that may buy your product or click on your link is better than 30 bots that do nothing with your post. How about you? Where do you stand when it comes to your hashtag strategy? Let us know here on Twitter!

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