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How Can You Find Social Media Influencers?

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Social media influencers are important when it comes to spreading your personal brand or selling products. So how can you find them? There are many programs out there today that can help you determine whether or not an account has clout and influence. Tweepi is a program that allows you to not only create a follow / unfollow strategy, but also view your current followers to determine which ones are influencers. While this is limited to Twitter, it does allow you to compile a list of individuals that are impactful on Twitter, which means they are probably powerful on other social media accounts.

For Instagram, it is important to not only look at an accounts follow ratio (followers vs. following), but also the engagement they are creating on their posts. In fact, an individual with a million followers, but no engagement, may not be as influential as you think. It is also important to find influencers within your brands genre or category. If you are a makeup artist, you may think that McDonald's is an influencer, but they more than likely aren't going to help your brand. On the other hand, a makeup company or famous artist is more likely to appreciate your work and content.

Another tactic for Instagram and Twitter is to search particular hashtags, then see who posts content that appears to create a lot of buzz. You can even create a spreadsheet of individuals that are influencers (if you don't want to pay for a program).

When you do find an influencer that you believe would enjoy your content, what do you do? For one you can create a 2 way street by liking their content, commenting on it, and following them. While they may not follow you back, they could notice you engaging with their content. You can also tag them or mention them in posts (if it is applicable). Remember, social media is a conversation, if you spam an influencer, they will not engage with your brand whatsoever.

How powerful can a social media influencer be? They can help promote your content, draw individuals to your accounts, and even drive up sales. It is always important to stay on the lookout for potential influencers and engage with them in a human way.

How do you find social media influencers? How do you keep track of them or contact them? Comment below or email us.

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