What Does The Socii Project Do? 

We specialize in creative social media content and engagement that is individual and impactful. We also create social media analytics, forecasts, and formulas to help you understand the power of social media. 


Unlike most social media companies or programs, everything we do is by a human. We believe that social media is a two-way street, which is why we create real conversations that result in leads, sales, and website traffic. 

Content Creation

Unique content creation that helps grow brand awareness and produce a human voice that will result in more leads and social media presence. We pride ourselves on NOT using any programs or APIs that auto follows or post comments on social media. Everything we do materializes from the heart.

Social Media Analytics

Customized analytics that helps everyone on your team understand the positive effects of social media. This includes in-depth forecasts and studies on the impact each social media channel has on your website traffic and sales. 

Paid Media Advertising

We create targeted advertisements that will allow you to spread your brand to the exact audience you want. Have a major event nearing? Want to make a hashtag go viral? We can help with that. 

Social Justice

We have experience running social media platforms for non-profits and humanitarian efforts. We love helping these causes so much...that they may be eligible for a discount or free services.


We respect your privacy. 

San Diego, California

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