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social media management

What Does The Socii Project Do? 

We specialize in creative social media advertising that is individual and impactful. Unlike most big agencies, we prioritize quick communication and relationship building. 

Whether you are an eCommerce company that wants improved ROAS or a thought leader who wants more community engagement, we are here to help you achieve your goals. 

social media marketing
social media marketing
social media marketing

Is your ROAS or lead generation at the level it should be? We have worked with numerous consumer goods and eCommerce companies, and almost all could improve their ROAS with more attention to detail. Let us take over the tediousness of Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads, and other advertising to allow you to focus on different aspects of your business.

facebook for business and google ads manager

Content Creation

Many small businesses do not have a dedicated graphic design team. That is okay! We can find and create high-level imagery that will work great in ads or within your organic social media plans. Why stress over imagery when a professional can take care of it?

social media management

Transparent Communication

Our time in this industry has taught us that transparency and honesty are the backbone of a relationship with a client. We will not lie to you about your analytics, ROAS, and lead generation. We have a reputation for being brutally honest about where your brand is at and what it can improve on. Without honesty and trust, how can any company grow?

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